Conversations with pets

The following are actual conversations I have had with pets just like yours.  All conversations are used with the permission of the owner and pet.


A dear friend client, and Reiki student of mine, Kris, contacted one morning.  She was very distraught over her sweet and very charming Boston Terrier mix 'Ruby". Kris was enroute to the emergency vets because little Ruby was unable to stand.  Ruby was also panting and in obvious pain.  The moment that I read this text my upper arm starts itching and swelling up.  I asked Kris to check ruby for a possible reaction to a bug bite.  Kris Didn't notice anything and the vet ran all sorts of tests but didn't find an answer either.  Kris and Ruby went home and awaited the  rest of the test results.  I spoke with Kris and Ruby several times over the next day or so and I keep feeling the same swelling and itching in my arm and I also keep feeling body aches like you would with an infection.  The vet was sure it was an intestinal issue, and thought maybe she ate something that disagreed with her or maybe her dog food was tainted in some way, but every time I tuned in to Ruby I kept getting the same thing - and never anything in the gastro-intestinal tract or the stomach. I am not the kind of person to ever say a vet is wrong! I fully admit I don't have any medical training whatsoever, so all I kept saying was "I'm sorry Kris I just don't get anything there"  I was feeling so worried for little Ruby because I could feel her pain and so worried for Kris because I knew she was so worried too and she just sounded so desperate.  I asked her to bring Ruby over for a Reiki session in hopes that I could do something to at least ease her pain, and Kris agreed she would bring Ruby the following evening, but was going to visit the vet one more time first. By the time she reached the vet this time Ruby had showed no improvement and still had no diagnosis so Kris asked her vet if he would be willing to just treat her for Lymes.  Her vet said he wouldn't treat Ruby for Lymes without testing her for it first, so he ran the test and sure enough it came back POSITIVE! WE HAD OUR BUG BITE!!! The vet started Ruby on Antibiotics for the Lyme's immediately. The intestinal issue was caused by all the panting Ruby was doing due to the pain she was in.   Then came the next miracle -
When Ruby and Kris arrived Ruby couldn't even walk from the car to my front door and Kris had to carry her.  Upon entering Kris put Ruby down and Ruby legs were shaking and could barely support her weight.  I started the Reiki flowing right away.  Gentle at first then stronger as our session went on, giving her breaks in between.  My Chihuahua, Taco, always the host, stayed by Ruby's side to keep her company and offer her comfort.  Over the course of the session there was visible improvement in Ruby, she went from not being able to support herself to stiffly walking, and eventually on to a quick paced walk - not quite a trot, by the time she left, and she was able to walk out to the car all by herself with great ease.  You would have never known this was the dog that couldn't hold herself up less than 2 hours ago!  The next morning I got a wonderful update from Kris telling me Ruby led the pack (she shares her home with another Boston and a Boxer) on their morning walk and was 100 percent back to her former self! Now that's a Miracle story!

Kim, an avid animal lover and volunteer at a local animal shelter contacted me one day about her older horse Thunder, who had suffered a kick to the forehead by a paddock mate.  The vet had been out to see Thunder and confirmed that the bone just above the eyes had been fractured.  Thunder was in pain and had stopped eating. Knowing that Thunder was 33 years old, and after years of faithful companionship, Kim wanted to do right by him and was willing to do whatever he wanted, but needed to know what that was.  I was honored to be asked to speak with him. When I first made contact with Thunder he was in his stall with his grain bucket still full.  Immediately I felt a pain that ran from my forehead to the bottom of my jaw, and when I opened and closed my mouth my bite felt off or crooked.  I knew, of course, that this was Thunder's pain, not mine.  I also felt quite a bit of swelling in the face and jaw muscles. I asked Thunder if he thought he could eat his grain and although he wanted to, it was just too painful to do so.  I also sensed there was something else going on, and I felt a great sadness.  After a few questions Thunder shared that he was quite hurt emotionally that the other horse would purposely kick him like that, and he also felt bad because Kim was so worried about him.  I asked him if there was anything he thought he would like to eat, and he said he would very much like to eat what was in my pocket, and clearly stated "I know you brought that for me".  This made me laugh, I did indeed bring him something, an oats and honey granola bar! I opened it and he enjoyed the first bit of food he'd had in more than a day. Then came the tough question, I had to ask him if he was ready to cross over or if he thought he'd be able to eat and heal and stay with Kim a while longer.  Without hesistate he showed me an image of himself lying in the grassy paddock basking in the sun.  I wanted to make sure I got his message clearly and asked him if he'd like to stay until the grass turned green and the sun grew warm.  This time I heard him loud and clear "YES"! Kim wanted to know how to tell when it's time to let him go, and Thunder said "when I can no longer get up".  Over the next few days Kim continued to put granola bars in his grain bucket and little by little he regained his appetite and strength.  As luck would have it we had a very warm spring and Thunder did get to bask in the warm spring sunshine while the grass was turning green.  One day in late May Thunder laid down and couldn't get up, and Kim knew it was time to say goodbye to her dear friend, but she took comfort in knowing he got his last wish, and that someday, somehow they would be together again.   

"ALEX "  One eevening I received a call from a lady named Bonnie.  She was in the parking lot of her vet's office, quite upset over her Jack Russel named Alex.  Bonnie explained that Alex had become aggressive lately which was so different from his usual sweet disposition, he had even become aggressive with the young boy who lived nearby and often played with him   The vet couldn't find any medical reason for the change and she was beside herself looking for answers.  So I went to work. I tuned in to Alex and asked him if he'd speak with me. Not only was he willing to speak with me, he was almost as desperate as his "mom" was to communicate.  The first thing Alex showed me was someone leaving and someone else coming. When I asked Bonnie about this she said she did change pet sitters not too long ago.  The second thing he showed me was his old pet sitter sitting on the living room floor playing ball with him.  Alex showed me how he got a little carried away and accidently scraped his tooth on the pet sitters hand.  Now we were getting somewhere.  I explained that Alex was missing his old pet sitter and was feeling very sorry for accidently hurting her and making her go away.  Bonnie said Alex had nothing to do with the pet sitter leaving, it was just a scheduling problem. Alex also showed me that the young boy he plays with also uses a ball, much like his pet sitter had, and by being aggressive he was just trying to demonstrate how he accidently hurt the pet sitter.  I explained to Alex that it wasn't his fault and asked Bonnie if there's anyway she can have the pet sitter come back and sit in the same spot on the living room floor and play ball again with Alex so he can see she's not angry with him, and if possible, work out the scheduling problems and have her come back again.  Bonnie assured me she would try.  A few days later Bonnie called me to say she worked out the scheduling problems with the pet sitter, and even had her come over and play ball with him like I suggested, and to her great delight, Alex was back to his old self again and had even played with his young friend without any aggression whatsoever. 

A wonderful lady named Jennifer had lost her Doberman named Caesar and was heartbroken. Often times when our pets cross over they miss us as much as we miss them, and they work behind the scenes to help us heal.  This is one of those times.  Caesar so loved his owner that he sent a new dog to her, a Boxer, named Sampson.  She wasn't looking for another dog, it was too hard, but our pets know us so well they usually know just what we need, even if we don't. 

I spoke to Jennifer a few weeks after Sampson came to live with her and she agreed that many of his characteristics reflected Caesar's.  One of the most amazing things about Sampson was that he fit right in to her family as if he's always been there.  We, as humans aren't always open enough to see it, but this was no doubt, the work of Caesar from the other side. 

One of Jennifer's biggest concerns about Sampson was the little scars on his head. She was so afraid he had been abused.  While she was asking me about these scars, (I had already been tuned in to Sampson) and an iron falling from an ironing board had popped into my head. When I first told her this she was skeptical, so I asked Sampson to show me more of a picture and this is what I got:  When Sampson was a pup about 3-1/2 months old he was playing with a litter mate and not paying attention to where he was going, while prancing forward, he was looking back over his shoulder and ran into the cord of the iron knocking it down upon his head.  This happened to be a steam iron and when this heavy iron fell on his head steam came out and burned these little round sores on his head which, in time became scars.  The scars don't bother him anymore since they are healed however the weight of the iron injured a disc in his neck and that still causes him migraine headaches. Sampson told me that when his head hurts badly his eyes water and Jennifer had been thinking it was allergies.  Jennifer exclaimed "that's right, his eyes do water and I was thinking he had allergies"! I then asked Sampson what he thought would help him feel better, but he wasn't sure.  I expanded my question to the Angels, who are always watching over and helping me, and they showed me acupuncture and/or an animal chiropractor, which I relayed to Jennifer. 

I knew Jennifer was still skeptical about the iron, but the next day she phoned me and said she had taken a closer look at the scars on Sampson's head and confirmed that they are in a triangle pattern that would fit the base of an iron, and they are just the right distance apart to fit the ducts in the bottom of an iron where the steam comes out!

There's so much more the this conversation, but I can't fit it all here, however I am still in contact with both Sampson and Jennifer and they are both doing well.  Keep your eyes open for my chat with her other Boxer Bella, who was there before Sampson, let's see how she feels about a new "brother".

I've always been extremely interested in what other communicators pick up on when they speak to animals, so I've read several books on the subject.  In one book in particular the author notes that all squirrels talk about is nuts.  While I find this to often be the case in the fall, it's a very different story in the spring, as demonstrated by the following conversation I had with a squirrel in my own back yard. 

It was early spring and I just happened to glance out my back door when all of a sudden I heard "Hey, this is private, go away" I was a little taken aback for a second because I wasn't trying to contact any one at that moment.  So I asked, "who said that"? At that very moment two squirrels popped into view on one of the trees in my yard.  Immediately I knew who it was.  I apologized to the squirrel for visually invading his space and started to walk away, when he suddenly said "watch how I court this girl".  So I watched, first he flicked his tail, then said "now watch, she'll pretend not to be interested, so I flick my tail more.  Next she'll look at me and run to the next tree, and I will chase her.  Then I turn, flick my tail again and jump back to this tree. If she's interested in me she will chase me now." He continued to give me a play by play of his courtship ritual, the words reaching me a second or two before he made the moves. I was thrilled to be part of such an intricate part of their lives.

One day last fall I was heading toward my car and I noticed the squirrels and birds all racing around like crazy.  So I asked "wow, what's gotten into you guys? You're awfully busy". One squirrel replied "snowy winter, very snowy winter coming".  "Really?" I asked, "can anyone else confirm this for me"? One of the birds zooming around (I think maybe it was a sparrow) piped up and added "oh yes, very snowy and cold too, got to be ready".  I thanked them for the tip, and sure enough this past winter was quite snowy and cold. 

While visiting with her family several states away, Jeanett and two of her three children were concerned about how their dog Scooby-Boo was doing back home.  Even tho Jeanett's husband was there in the evening, he still had to work during the day and Scooby was not used to being alone all day long.  I had met Scooby once before, and knew I was seeing Jeanett later that day so I decided to check in on Scooby to see how she was doing, but before I could say much I felt Scooby's energy coming through. 

I asked Scooby if she remembered me and she said "oh yes, a dog never forgets"! (I have been told this many times before by other dogs).  I asked her how she's doing and immediately I started getting a sick feeling in my belly.  "My tummy hurts" she said "I miss my family, I'm very sad" I heard her sigh and I felt a lump in my throat and tears welled up in my eyes.

For some strange reason she showed me an image of someone's feet.  At first I thought it was Jeanett's daughters feet, but later I found out it was probably Jeanett's feet. I asked her "why the feet"? Then she shot me an image of herself lying on the floor while someone was rubbing her back with their feet.  She showed me the same image again, but this time in the kitchen.  Jeanett confirmed for me that Scooby often positions herself under her feet no matter where she's sitting to "steal" a few extra rubs, and doesn't mind if its by feet or hands!  The thing I couldn't solidly confirm was the pink colored socks on the feet she kept showing me.  Jeanett told me she only wears white socks, and her daughter has socks with pink on them but not solid pink.  Since I often get things symbolically, maybe Scooby was trying to show me they were girl's feet, hence the color pink? 

Scooby told me that she likes to drink the milk out of the cereal bowls when the kids are done eating, but with everyone away, except Daddy, she gets no breakfast milk.  :-(

Scooby went on to say that she knew her family was visiting other family members, and she even knew who they were, I asked her how she knew and she said "Mommy told me". The thing she couldn't understand was why she couldn't come too.  "I'm a good girl, I would behave" she says.  I got the feeling that she thinks she's being punished.  The house is way too quiet and empty.  Scooby would like the TV to be left on, this way she wouldn't feel so all alone. 

Scooby wanted to know when her family was coming home. "This is even harder than waiting for the kids to get home from school".  Scooby tells me she's been whining and crying and sighing since they left and is very afraid they will forget about her. 

Jeanett's son has a pet lizard who keeps telling her "my boy won't forget me because I'm special and he loves me, but you're just a dog!  There are plenty more where you came from".  I told Scooby that's not true, she's very special and very loved and could never be replaced. She said she thought so, but it made her feel better to hear it.

Scooby again asked me how long until her family returns, but this time she was more specific, she wanted to know how many moons (or nights) until they get back.  This time I could give her a more definite answer, I told her 3 more moons, then when the sun comes up, her family will be back. This was a relief to her because now she could count down the "moons" until they came home. This is her way of telling time.  People often think dogs and other animals have no concept of time, but it has been my experience that although they don't read clocks like we do, they absolutely have a sense of time. 

I also got that she was a little worried that her family was angry at her and asked if she was a bad girl. I checked with her owner and told her "no one was angry with her, she was not a bad girl, she was deeply loved and they missed her just as much as she missed them.  Animals often think they are "in trouble" or "being punished" when their family is away, that's why its so important to tell them where you are going, why you are going and when you will return. Believe it or not they do understand it, and it helps them to cope with the anxiety of being without their loved ones. 

Feeling better about not being in trouble or abandoned, she asked if she could have a special treat when they got home.  This gave her something to look forward to, and keep her mind occupied.  I asked her what she would like and she showed me a corner of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The funny thing was she specifically showed me chunky peanut butter, grape jelly, and white bread.  I had to laugh, it was in such great detail.  She also showed me something white and creamy looking, at first I thought it may have been vanilla ice cream but I couldn't get a "cold" feeling off of it.  Then I got the taste of cream cheese in my mouth, and when I asked her family, Jeanett's daughter said she does share cream cheese with her!

I asked her if there was anything else she wanted me to tell her family and she said she misses mommy's singing, and I heard music in the background like a radio was on.  Jeanett did confirm she sings all the time and dances with Scooby too. Then she showed me Jeanett sitting in the living room with the TV on, but her hands are very busy.  I couldn't exactly tell what she was doing, but if I had to guess I'd say either crafts or folding laundry maybe.  Jeanett confirmed that she quite often is doing crafts or sewing or laundry in that spot.  Scooby even sent me the music to a TV game show.  Not that Jeanett watches game shows very often, but it was an easy image for Scooby to send me.  

All the things that Scooby was showing me were what I call her "comfort images".  Just scenes of every day life, but then she shows me again how the house is quiet and empty.  I told her not to worry, her family will be home soon, safe and sound.  Scooby promised to be a good girl for Daddy, and sends a picture her sitting on the floor with Mommy's arms around her in a hug and she put her head on mommy's shoulders and gave her a lick.  Then she shows me the same image again with both the kids.  I know she was saying that she sends hugs and kisses to her family and an overwhelming feeling of love.


Ahab is a Beta fish - a very handsome blue and purple Beta with graceful flowing fins.  Ahab is one of those fish who's smart enough to know his own beauty, and thinks everyone else should know it too!

One day he was swimming in his generous sized tank, so happy to be such a beautiful being that he flicked his tail in joy, and so he could get a better look at it! Unfortunatly he flicked his tail so hard, he flicked himself right out of his tank and on the floor, hitting his head on the table on the way down.

His owner quickly scooped him up and placed him back in his tank leaving quite a lot of blood behind him for such a little guy.  Ahab floated down to the bottom of his tank and just laid on the rocks. His owner called me quite worried about him so  I immediately  connected with him and found him to be in great pain.  He was also in shock, and dizzy and completely miserable.  I asked him if he thought he was going to make it, and he said he wasn't ready to cross over yet, but he wasn't willing to live with this kind of pain for very long either.

I started sending him Reiki to help with the pain and the healing process, and I also sent up a prayer to the Archangel Raphael, Gods healer, to help little Ahab

As the reiki went in I could feel how much his head hurt.  I also felt swelling in his head and down his spine.  It kind of felt like a concussion that went from his head to his tail.  

This little guy was in bad shape.  I kept the Reiki going and by the next day he had moved from the bottom of the tank to his little castle.  I know he was just looking for a place to hide and recover.  The good news came the following day when  he started swimming slowly and ate his food.  

He improved steadily from there and I'm happy to say he's made a full recovery.  Although, he does have a split in one of his fins that won't heal and he's very upset about that, but its good to know he's back to himself again! 

NOTE - at the top of this page I stated that all conversations are published with the permission of the pet and owner, so when I asked Ahab for his permission, he gave his blessing but only if I promised to let everyone know how incredibly handsome he is!  So everyone reading this, rest assured that Ahab is an incredibly handsome little Beta Fish (with an incredibly large ego) !

Check soon, more to come................. 
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